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Following State and Federal Regulations made easy.

  • Safety
  • Reports
  • Asset
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TracPad APP

Features & Services

  • Work Order Management
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Mobile Application
  • QR & Barcode scanner
  • Digital Archive
  • Online Training
  • Equipment Inventory
  • Asset Management
  • Resourse Management
  • Contracts Management
  • SLA Management
  • Property Management
  • Key Management
  • Workflow Management
  • Vendor/Procurement

Online Checklists

  • In-app checklist, Hazardous Waste Daily, Dealership Inspection ChecklChaist and more
  • User logs with GPS, date & time trackers
  • Automatic checklist assignments to users
  • Realtime photos associated with the inspected item by time, date & location trackers.
  • Threshold that shows the % of the inspection completeness according to the checklist data per location and per department.

Alerts & Notifications

In-app, sms & email reminders:

  • Recurring scheduled notifications/reminders
  • Individual notifications/reminders
  • Group notifications/reminders
  • Escalation wizard customizable notification frequency and conditions

TracPad APP

Automate manual processes with App. Reduce the total cost, risk, manage safety and train your staff all in one place. Access at any time anywhere, reduce the paperwork with digital Compliance features.

How it Works

Watch how TrackPad transforms your device into a powerhouse for efficient work.

TracPad APP


What are the benefits of TracPad APP?

TracPad APP will help you to protect and keep your dealership 100% safe and functioning as it should. Be fault-free when FTC comes to inspect your dealership by keeping it in check and maintain all safety rules. Access the tools and information you need, where you need it.

What about the features?

As the dealer-specific compliance management software, TracPad APP is fully-integrated with DMS and pricing systems. You can generate easy to read reports in various formats and have access to them from any location. The escalation process helps to track and manage the faults until completely resolved.

How can I start using TracPad APP?

If you want to improve the functionality and safety of your dealership, call us today for a fast and easy installation.